Let’s Take Car Safety
To The Next Level of Health

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Addressing the Health Risks of Pollution

and Ambient Air



PM 2.5, CO, or NO x
sensors continuously
monitor the cabin
Car Protection


PM 2.5, CO, or NO x
sensors continuously
monitor the
outside air
Car Protection from particles


BreezoMeter’s air quality data from
the cloud keep passengers safe with
pre-activation features, AQI forecast,
pollen counts and more.
Car Protection

How AirShield
Makes the Difference


  • Activation after on-board sensor detects pollution
  • Polluted air is able to enter the vehicle's cabin
  • Deactivation using on-board sensor

Cloud-based Air Quality Management

  • Early activation using real-time air quality data from the cloud
  • No contamination of the vehicle's cabin with polluted air
  • Deactivation using real-time cloud data & on-board sensor

Air Quality Benefits for Passengers

Inner-cabin & Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor Data
Cloud-based Air Quality Information
Healthier Navigation
Forecast On-the-go
Destination Air Quality Index
Automated HVAC Control
Health Recommendations
Pollen Counts
Full App Integration

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in helping 92% of the world’s population enjoy
better health through optimal air quality in their
vehicles and personal environments.

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