Foobot provides a holistic user experience with BreezoMeter

Indoor air quality monitor provides its users complimentary outdoor air quality data

Foobot provides a holistic user experience with BreezoMeter

Foobot is a leader in the indoor air-quality monitoring business.

Foobot’s monitor keeps track of the indoor air, measuring the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals (VOCs), and harmful particulates (PM2.5). It’s also comes with an App and that’s where BreezoMeter data kicks in. To put in context the indoor living spaces, Foobot understands that users need to look at the two sides of the coin in order to take the right action. What’s the point in opening the windows if the outdoor air is also polluted right?

Global & Standardized

Global & Standardized

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Simple API

Simple API

Building a Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring Solution

As an innovative leader in the indoor air monitoring field, Foobot provides its users with a comprehensive reading on the surrounding air. BreezoMeter’s highly accurate data & actionable recommendations has become an essential part of the ultimate user experience provided by Foobot.

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When data accuracy matters

The Foobot team was pleased to find in BreezoMeter the same vision for highly accurate data.

BreezoMeter’s hyperlocal outdoor air quality is produced using big data analytics, cutting-edge algorithms, and machine-learning techniques, in order to keep pace with the complexity and fast evolution of air pollution. The investment in data visualization to make air quality intelligible was another element that convinced Foobot to partner with BreezoMeter.

“We saw that all the other solutions out there just provide raw, unanalyzed and unverified data that is not actionable nor understandable to our users, and even worse, in many times it is not accurate” says Jacques Touillon, the Co-Founder and CEO.

Offering Meaningful Recommendations

The global and unified air-quality index provided by BreezoMeter increase the positive opinion towards BreezoMeter. Foobot was well aware of the issue that pushed BreezoMeter’s R&D team to develop its own scale: each country has a different air quality index, for indoor and outdoor air, based on regulations, making the launch in new countries a true headache unless there is a global approach.

Both companies, independently, developed their own outdoor (BreezoMeter) and indoor (Foobot) air quality indexes linked to actionable recommendations, making it simple and practical to work together and combine both banks of knowledge.

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Seamless integration

Foobot needed a global player, covering most parts of the world, since the company operates in 45 countries.

The team was also looking for a data feed that would be easy to integrate, yet provide impactful features. Another box that BreezoMeter ticks.

“We were very pleased with the simplicity of the integration process, which took less than a day. One API for a global coverage, full of the features we needed” says Touillon.

Building a holistic approach

It was important for Foobot to deliver a complete air quality solution, showing their users the big picture of the air surrounding them, inside and outside. And Foobot delivered.

With the two data sets, Foobot consumers can enjoy the ideal user experience, and make informed decisions on whether to open windows, exercise outdoors, or stay at home with the kids.

They can also use Foobot’s product as an educational tool to understand the impact of outdoor pollution on the conditions inside their home.

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