Client Use Cases and Testimonials

Explore our clients’ use cases to learn how real-time air quality data can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

“After integrating the learning section and allergy log insights, ALK saw an increased user retention rate, from 24% to 36%, while churn rate of app removal improved by 50%.”
Rebekka Caselitz
Medical user engagement manager, ALK
“Offering highly accurate air quality data across our platforms increases the value of our product, and has the ability to positively affect the health of our consumers.”
Olivier Vincent
President and GM of WeatherBug

“By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data.”

“BreezoMeter’s air quality data has helped us drive increased engagement among our users.”
Kayvon Bina