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Empower users to take action based on their individual health factors and environmental context with BreezoMeter’s customizable Intelligence Platform. Start using environmental alerts, air quality and pollen health recommendations, insights, and more today.

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Advisory Services

Professional Services

Build a true partnership with our multidisciplinary team, made up of world renowned atmospheric scientists, IT experts, UX specialists and product innovation experts fully dedicated to your success and business goals.

Use our environmental expertise for joint digital workshops, advisory services, dedicated customer success, joint marketing and early access to upcoming features.

Professional Services

Transparent & Proven Accuracy

Unaffiliated scientific bodies & regulatory-driven healthcare brands have tested, approved, and endorsed the accuracy of our data and the science behind our proprietary technology, methodology and continuous accuracy validation.

Deep Air Quality Expertise

Our world-renowned environmental scientists, atmospheric specialists, UX/UI and product experts will help you develop innovative solutions, provide training services, and partner to reach company goals.

Technical Enterprise Support

BreezoMeter is the only company with customer success experts dedicated to providing deep environmental analysis for customers. Sleep well knowing that your business is protected from data downtime, outages, and extreme wildfires.

Street Level Granularity Across the Globe

Our customers including Fortune 500 companies are only willing to integrate the best and most accurate air pollution data because anything less wouldn’t suffice. Choosing us after their intensive due diligence is yet another validation we are the global leaders of environmental data.

What Makes Us

The Leaders In Environmental Intelligence Solutions


Global Coverage
(100+ Countries)

5m (16.5 feet)

New Data Every Hour

One Stop Shop: Air Pollution, Pollen,
Fires, Weather, Insights

Environmental Insights
(in addition to data)

Continuous Accuracy Validation

External Validation by 3rd parties &
Global Brands

Scientific Research Backed Health

Other Providers

Limited Coverage


Maximum refresh rate of 4 hours

Limited Options

No data

No Accuracy Validation

No External Validation

Generic information based on limited
number of pollutants

Alternative Sources
Global Coverage (100+ Countries)
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Granularity: 5m (16.5 feet)
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New Data Every Hour
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One Stop Shop: Air Pollution, Pollen, Fires, Weather, Insights
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Environmental Insights (in addition to data)
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Continuous Accuracy Validation
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External Validation by 3rd parties & global brands
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Scientific Research Backed Health Insights
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Why is Now The Time For Environmental Intelligence?

Why is Now The Time for Health-Focused Environmental Intelligence?

Extreme climate events and growing environmental activism has drawn more attention to air pollution over the last few years. There has been a 2,400% increase in air quality stories published in the news between 2016 to 2020.

  • Air quality & pollen information helped ALK reduce allergy app removals by 50%.

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    We chose BreezoMeter as our Air Quality data partner as they provide us with the most accurate, reliable data available, enabling us to spread awareness on pollution levels to people all over the world through our free air quality services Blueair Friend and AirView.

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    Air quality & pollen information helped ALK reduce allergy app removals by 50%.

    Real-time environmental intelligence powers Aldes’ smart indoor air companion, Walter.

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    BreezoMeter's real-time air quality and weather data enable HVAC professionals leveraging our cloud-based software to make informed and automated decisions for buildings. The benefits are reduced maintenance costs, increased filter efficiency as well as improved facility management through intelligent air control, all leading to higher workplace productivity.”

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    Neutrogena converted 4-year sales decline to 11% growth with location-based pollution readings.

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    The impact of air pollution on patients is well evidenced. All of our apps now incorporate hyper-local air quality feeds from BreezoMeter to help patients with COPD, asthma, heart disease and diabetes plan their day.

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