Health-Focused Environmental Intelligence Platform

Actionable environmental and health insights improving lives

The 1st Complete Environmental Intelligence Solution

Hourly-updated and highly granular environmental insights

By combining over 11.5 million raw data sets, hourly calculations of over 7.9 billion pollutant concentrations, BreezoMeter provides the most accurate and personalized environmental insights to leading businesses around the globe. This revolutionary platform transforms hyperlocal data to an insights and intelligence platform enabling businesses to increase overall value, user retention, competitive advantage, and more.


Integrated by the World’s Biggest Brands

Personalized Environmental Alerts

Transform environmental data into meaningful actions by using highly customizable real-time notifications


Transform Environmental Data Into Meaningful Actions

Raw data only shows part of the picture. Your users need to know what action to take based on their individual health and immediate environment. Share critical information at the right moment and get users to rely on your product and come back for more.


Increase User Retention

Create a strong and meaningful connection with your customers by becoming an authority on the environment.

Intuitive Dashboard Interface

An easy-to-use alerts management dashboard gives access to edit or create new alert parameters based on different sets of environmental data.


Highly Customizable & Personalized Alerts

Choose from hundreds of insight and customize alert recommendations or customize and test different messaging through an easy to use dashboard.

Transforming Data Into Actionable Notifications

Symptoms & Sources

Track and understand pollutant and pollen allergen sources and health related symptoms


Stand Out From Competition

Create meaningful connections between users unique exposure and symptoms, while educating users how to reduce outbreaks from environmental hazards.


Transform Your Business Into an Environmental Authority

In addition to showing a numerical index, share impactful information about possible symptoms and severity based on outdoor pollen and pollution levels.

Extensive Symptoms Library Based on Unique Allergies & Pollutants

Shows a long list of potential symptoms users may feel based on real-time pollen and air quality information.


  • Pollen - Loss of smell, headache, runny or blocked nose.
  • Air Quality - Exposure to CO may cause dizziness, nausea and headaches.

Textual Explanation of Current Index Including Symptoms Severity

Each person is affected differently by pollution and seasonal allergies. For that reason a detailed explanation is given of possible symptom outbreaks for different types of pollutants and allergies including and the chances of triggering an allergy attack.

Air Quality Health Recommendations

Hundreds of scientifically-validated, personalized, air quality focused recommendations


Scale Your Business By Becoming Relevant to All

Each population segment is affected by air quality differently. Share highly relevant health insights personalized to different sensitivity groups and the public. Don’t generalize, become personalized.


Become THE Trusted Source for Air Quality

Consumers are becoming more interested in air quality and will demand seeing relevant information in their products. Hold your business to the high standard it deserves by becoming the authority for air quality information users rely on, every day and every hour of the day.

Hundreds of Personalized Recommendations

A library of air quality health recommendations were created for each specific user group (eg: elderly, pregnant, children, asthmatics, etc) and vary based on the dynamic air quality levels right outside their door.


Pollen Health Recommendations

Prevent or reduce allergy symptoms with actionable recommendations


Increase Business Value

Empower allergy sufferers to take precautionary action that will help avoid their next outbreak. Make your solution something users rely on daily.


Become a Reliable Pollen Knowledge Hub

Species index or pollen counts don’t mean much to the average person. Provide actionable insights and suggested actions alongside the pollen data to provide the full picture.

Highly Targeted Pollen Information

For every location an in depth description will be provided for the different plants including general information, appearance details, geographic breakdown and allergy characteristics.


Many Personalized Pollen Recommendations

Based on users' specific location and timely pollen data, research-backed health recommendations suggest easy actions pollen sufferers can take to prevent outbreaks.

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