Air Quality Data APIs for Businesses

Our simple-to-integrate APIs have been designed especially for businesses and organizations looking to take advantage of highly-accurate, reliable & extremely granular environmental data.


Why Integrate the World’s Most Accurate Air Quality Technology?


Unmatched Accuracy

Unaffiliated scientific bodies & regulatory-driven healthcare brands have tested, approved and endorsed the accuracy of our data and the science behind our proprietary technology, methodology and continuous accuracy validation.


Comprehensive & Global

The only place you’ll find street-level information available in 100+ countries as well as Air Pollution, Pollen, Fire, and Weather API integrations available as a complete solution.


Dramatic Features

440 million virtual air quality sensors, extraordinary heatmap visualizations of air pollution & pollen around the globe & personalized health recommendations.


Expert Advisory

Our experienced environmental scientists, digital UI experts, and industry specialists will help you develop innovative connected iOT solutions, provide training services, and partner with you for impressive marketing collaborations.


Endless Customization

A software-only approach means our API features can be seamlessly integrated into any device for any use case and customized with ease.

Historical Air Quality Datasets for 100+ Countries

Improve your strategic decision-making with up to 4-years worth of hourly historical Air Pollution, Pollen & Weather information, accurate at a street-level resolution.

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Lead the Market with BreezoMeter

World-leading brands leverage our real-time, historical & forecast air quality information to enhance clinical research, increase sales & drive product adoption.

What's in the Air Your Customers Breathe?

Engage your users with intuitive data and insightful recommendations.

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