Create the Most Valuable App Experience Possible for Your Customers

Personalize your products by giving customers the pollution data they need to make the right fitness and health choices.

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There are endless amounts of smart health and fitness devices entering the market every week, begging for differentiation among the competition.

What can you put in your application that makes it impossible to live without?

Transform Your App with Environmental Data

By giving your customers the exact outdoor air quality data in real time and in their exact location you can:



your users to real-time air pollution data, where they are, 24/7.



them when is best to go outside, based on intuitive data, and research-backed health recommendations.



with your customers to show them the value they receive by using your product.


your users to real-time air pollution data, where they are, 24/7.

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By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data.

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Your Customers Depend on You 24/7

We all breathe more than 23,000 times a day - so thinking that the journey of the sale ends with the first transaction just isn’t right.

Your products can make each one of those breaths healthier.

This is why your application must give your customer accurate air quality data in real time.

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