Improve Patient Care with Environmental Insights

Understand & Influence Patient Behavior
Micro-local environmental intelligence offers a new way to understand & influence patient behavior based on environmental hazards reported in real-time.

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The Missing Pieces of the Patient Jigsaw

Traditionally, health providers relied on patient reports and observable clinical symptoms for an understanding of chronic conditions. However, 80-90% of health outcomes are impacted by social-related factors: Individual behavior, the environment & demographics. BreezoMeter’s micro-local environmental intelligence provides the contextual tools needed to better understand, protect and positively influence patient behavior.

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Environmental Intelligence for Improved Disease Management

Highly personalized air quality & pollen insights allow treatment providers & chronic disease sufferers to learn the true impact of environmental factors on health. BreezoMeter is the only environmental intelligence provider considered accurate enough by many leading healthcare companies.

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Learn More about Patients Over Time & Develop Personalized Treatments

Person-specific environmental insights allow health professionals to identify sensitive group populations and progress from one-size-fits all approaches to more individualised treatment plans. In turn, chronic disease sufferers understand when it’s safe to go outside and learn how to prevent flare-ups.


Boost Medication Adherence

Warn patients when the environmental threat is high & remind them to take medication, then advise on steps to prevent symptom exacerbation.

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healthcare solutions


Improve Disease Management

Refine care & treatment plans based on symptom tracking, objective signals and other sources of information unique to the individual.


Engage & Keep Patients Loyal

Integrate environmental insights into medical devices & digital therapeutic apps to see patient engagement & loyalty rise over time.

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healthcare solutions


Innovate with Data-Driven Research

Combine enriched air quality insights & datasets with patient records as well as other medical data for correlative studies, improved symptom analysis, training models & future rounds of product innovation.


Reduce Strain on Healthcare Systems

Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations with improved remote patient monitoring & help patients manage their conditions in the most effective way possible.

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How Healthcare Leaders Use Air Quality Insights

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