History Plus

Learn from past environmental data to get ready for future business demands.

Historical Environmental Data

History Plus is an environmental time machine. Look back in time to access the historical context you need to gain insights for your clinical or business research, risk index or media/advertising insights. You can request data for a single time period or on an ongoing basis. Use insights to predict future business needs and outcomes.

Air Quality

Air Quality







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What's Included in Our History Plus Environmental Data?

History Plus is an environmental time machine providing the identical environmental data from our APIs providing scientific and accurate data.

Historical Air Quality Data

Granular and accurate historical air quality data for your business.

Air Quality Index
Pollutant Details
Global Coverage
Hourly History
Data Resolution
Industrial smoke affecting air quality

Historical Pollen Data

Vast historical data set of pollen types & species from around the globe.

Universal Pollen Index
Daily Conditions
Species Information
Types: Trees, Grass, Weed
Plant with pollen

Historical Weather Data

Detailed weather information for a complete environmental solution.

Sea Level Pressure
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Relative Humidity
Additional Advanced Historical Weather Data Available Upon Request
Satellite above earth capturing weather data

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How Companies Use BreezoMeter’s History Plus

Join the list of companies benefiting from innovation with History Plus. BreezoMeter's historical environmental data is used by our customers in a variety of ways and there are many additional use cases.

Business & Clinical Research

Challenge: A global healthcare leader requested historical environmental data in order to identify correlation between weather conditions, products sales and environmental data.
Solution: Working with BreezoMeter, the company received the desired data. The information was instantly retrieved and used to make the correlations between patient data and environmental data.
Results: After conducting extensive research, the firm decided to develop a personalized product using BreezoMeter's History Plus.
Data on transparent screen in front of a computer monitor

Risk Index

Challenge: A global cosmetics company wanted to build an index that could help its customers access personalized cosmetic products.
Solution: The requested historical data was extracted using BreezoMeter's History Plus and used to build an environmental risk index for a specific cosmetic line.
Results: The firm was able to use historical data to design an innovative product which it is currently working on and will soon be released.
Scientist entering data on transparent screen


Challenge: Customers from a variety of industries expressed interest in using historical data to gain insights into how to increase awareness and engagement in the promotion of their products.
Solution: BreezoMeter's History Plus was collected and analyzed to locate the most polluted cities and find times when the pollution is at its worst to gain a better understanding of how to plan advertising and use location based information to ensure a larger audience.
Results: Firms have proven their ability to use historical data to increase their campaign success by tailoring their advertising in areas of key interest at the right time!
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