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Stay Informed During a Wildfire Outbreak

Reliable Fire Alerts & Air Quality Information for Individuals & Businesses

Fire-related pollution spreads quickly, dramatically impacting air quality in locations far from the fire source itself. Keep yourself informed with real-time fires information and changing air quality levels:

Calculating 440M Virtual Sensors Around the World

Air Quality Overview

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health tips
/100 100 Now /100 50 Hour +1 /100 100 Hours +2 /100 Hours +3 /100 Hours +4 /100 Hours +5 Excellent Good Moderate Low Poor

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Air Quality Information You Can Trust During a Wildfire

Wildfire smoke presents significant reporting challenges for many air quality data providers. Learn how our unique approach to air quality, live wildfire alerts and incorporated smoke model overcomes these challenges:

Confused by the Air Quality Information You’re Seeing?

It can be confusing to find different providers reporting different air quality levels during a wildfire. If you have a question about our fires or air quality information, contact us at with the time and location of your query. We’ll be happy to look into it.

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