Take Control of the
Air You Breathe

Accurate air quality, pollen and fire data at the street-level, means we can all make healthier choices to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Data That Actually Drives Change

When data is simple to understand and relates to you personally, you will be more likely to act upon it.

Highly-accurate air quality information at the street level enables everyone to easily reduce their exposure to polluted air. It could be as simple as closing the windows, taking an alternative route to work or heading to a different park.

Air Quality Map

Air Pollution Affects Us All

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines air pollution as the single biggest environmental health crisis we face today.


Of the world’s population lives with pollution

World Health Organization


Is the annual cost of pollution to the global economy

World Health Organization


Deaths worldwide are linked to air pollution every year

World Bank

Game-Changing Air Quality Data

BreezoMeter’s highly accurate air quality data is so relevant it shapes how people go about their daily lives.

We provide reliable air pollution, pollen and active fires information in high-resolution to businesses and individuals around the world:


Historical information


Accuracy down to a scale of 0.003 miles (5m)


4-day forecast (for air pollution)


2-day forecast (for pollen)


Real-time data


Personalized health-recommendations


Live visualizations

All available as a livemapor by API

New Behavior, New Opportunities

Once people understand how data relates to them personally, this impacts their decision-making and consumer behavior. In turn, markets respond and adapt to the shifting demands. BreezoMeter’s personalized, highly accurate and real-time data is creating new opportunities and already disrupting a myriad of markets.


Increasing Product Sales, Adoption and Usage

World-leading brands use BreezoMeter’s air quality data to offer intelligent and highly personalized solutions that enable customers to make better decisions about their health.

What's in the Air Your Customers Breathe?

Engage your users with intuitive data and insightful recommendations.

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