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Improve the Health of Millions of People World Wide

You want to build live saving technology, experience professional & personal growth on the daily while engaging in positive collaboration with the best world class talents in each field, to innovate with world class leading customers to directly impact the health of millions?
So do we!

Our People Come First

BreezoMeter started as a project that our co-founders could believe in strongly. They had the space to be creative, to build something significant for society and to do it from scratch. This was a dream fulfilled and they wanted to provide the same for anyone coming on board. We created a company that puts focus on the right culture and celebrates its employees. Today it is each individual’s contribution plus the people-focused culture that remains the secret sauce to the success of the company.

Your Best Work Starts Here

When people ask what it's like to work at BreezoMeter, you’ll usually hear the same few sentiments


Various Disciplines. One Common Goal.

We are the sum of our individual backgrounds, expertise, fields, creativity and personality. Go on, be yourself, it’s more than welcome, in fact we celebrate it...and you.


Pushing ourselves–and each other–to innovate

We encourage innovation at every corner. Sometimes this means going beyond our comfort zones but at BreezoMeter we want to be challenged. It’s always worth it.


Company-Wide Transparency

We are always on the same page. Always. At any given time our people know what’s next for each department, how it all fits together at the company level.


We Learn and Grow from Each Other

Many of our best ideas have come from the bottom up or as a product of a cross departmental brainstorm. Our ears are open, our egos are left at the door and we encourage all that enter to do the same.


Everyone's empowered to work autonomously

We all work in mysterious ways. The builder, the improver, the answer on the spotter and take some time to thinker. We may be team players but we thrive on what you produce when you feel safe to be autonomous.


At the end of the day it’s about helping billions of people around the world.

  • Amalia Helen

    Inbound Marketing Manager

    Each day I get to tackle new challenges, work with leaders in their fields, and learn something new about the air we breathe. I'm thankful I've found a place where I can combine my skills and interests in a way that helps communicate the important role of environmental data in the world. The knowledge and experience I've gained at BreezoMeter isn't just important to my job, it's relevant for all walks of life.

  • Tom Navot

    Algorithm Engineer

    The first reason I came to BreezoMeter was to be part of a company that does good in the world. This only grows stronger as more and more people are exposed to our data and understand the value it provides to their lives. This combination of the mission with the great people here created a really unique culture, that enables me to learn continuously as a part of real multidisciplinary team.

  • Shaked Friedman-Katzir

    Senior Algorithm Engineer

    Working at BreezoMeter has helped me grow both professionally and personally over the years. The challenges we face are always interesting and important, which motivates me to push myself forward. Moreover, the unique group of people in our team is really something special - they are a great part of why I love coming to work.

  • Oded Unger

    Customer Success Manager

    I joined BreezoMeter three years ago, the great mission drives the entire team and inspires us, every single day, I can say that my days here have been very exciting and motivating. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself, and exposed me to areas of interest far beyond my day-to-day. The work-life balance, lovely colleagues, high level of independence and endless opportunities for self-development make it great to work here!

  • Ofek Azulay

    Software Engineer

    BreezoMeter welcomed me with its amazing culture of honesty and trust in its employees, empowering me to grow from my role as a front-end developer into a multi-disciplinary team leader, and has really helped my career professionally and personally. I really enjoy the friendly & positive environment, the great mentorship, and co-workers, together with the good impact we're able to make in the world.


Leading the Way for Product Innovation

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Open Positions

Whether you are an engineer, scientist or developer, an expert in design, sales or marketing, we want to cultivate your talent with you.

Adjusting to the New Work from Home Reality

Though many of us look forward to returning to BreezoMeter headquarters in Haifa, we’re doubling down on remote friendliness during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Be it through work-from-home stipends, remote social events, or increased flexibility in working hours, BreezoMeter is dedicated to keeping our team connected and supported.

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