Air Quality in Cities

BreezoMeter helps cities solve real problems, namely what to do about the growing negative impacts of air pollution. Read more to understand the benefits of showing intuitive, real-time air pollution data so you can take appropriate actions to reduce it, and not need to fight it blindly.

What's in the Air Your Customers Breathe?

Engage your users with intuitive data and insightful recommendations.


We live in an increasingly urbanized world (more than 60% of the world's population will live in cities in 2030 - United Nations), where the issue of resources is central to all: men, industries and communities. From official air quality measupxent stations, the data modeling done with its partner <b>Breezometer allows Veolia to offer urban residents, via the Urban Pulse mobile application, new functionalities to live well in cities</b> such as the least polluted route calculator for pedestrians, etc., and to provide elected officials with an accurate picture of the quality of life of the inhabitants on the territories they administer.

Alain Staron,
Senior VP Digital Strategy