The Local Air Quality Index - Czechia

The Local Air Quality Index is a method used by the government and companies to communicate air quality in an understandable way.

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How we calculate the air quality index - Czechia

BreezoMeter uses an index called “AQI (CZ)”


We take the average of each pollutant type according to local government definitions.


An official conversion table is used to convert average pollutant concentrations to AQI for each pollutant.


The final AQI is determined by taking the worst AQI among all pollutants. The worst pollutant being the dominant pollutant.

Index Health Categories

AQI (CZ) represents air quality levels according to the following health categories:


1A - Very good air quality

1B - Good air quality

2A - Acceptable air quality

2B - Acceptable air quality

3A - Aggravated air quality

3B - Bad air quality

Pollutant Type



3h avg.


3h avg.


3h avg.


3h avg.

Index Pollutant Types

The following chart displays the pollutants that are part of the AQI (CZ) calculation and the timeframe taken to average each pollutant type :

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