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Millions of people rely on accurate air quality insights each day to help them avoid harmful breathing hazards in the environment. Our continuous accuracy process ensures we provide the most reliable real-time air quality information worldwide.

Live Accuracy Monitor

We continuously test accuracy every hour in 100+ countries.

Listed above is a representative sample based on our top-searched locations per population size.

Our Commitment to Real-time Accuracy

When it comes to the air we breathe, unreliable information is worse than no information at all. For this reason, we continuously check the accuracy of our air quality calculations by comparing our outputs to the readings given by governmental monitoring stations.

complex model
live accuracy monitor

What You See Above

On this page, we’re showing how often we reported a similar measurement to the government monitoring stations. We’ve chosen to represent these results using the US AQI scale for uniformity and simplicity purposes.

  • The percentage figures represent how often we correctly reported the right health category for the period in question (i.e. Good, Moderate, Unhealthy) - this is the information people actually use for decision-making.
  • The graphs show how different our output was to the station monitors in terms of Mean Absolute Error (MAE) - again using US AQI units. As we’re reporting our level of difference, the closer we are to ‘0’, the better.

How Else Do We Measure Accuracy?

We’ve built a cross-validation process into our technology based on the “Leave one out” method: We eliminate one governmental sensor’s data from our algorithm on an hourly basis, calculate the result, then compare our output to the actual sensor reading. This process continuously runs behind the scenes of the information we provide, helping to ensure high accuracy and flagging any anomalies early on.

accuracy validation

Why We Compare Ourselves to Government Monitoring Stations

monitoring stations

Government monitoring stations represent the ground truth for air quality reporting, but only at their exact location. There can often be miles and miles without a monitoring station in sight. Further, the information they provide is reported with a delay of several hours.

As air quality varies at the street-level and on an hourly basis, the information they provide doesn’t help people manage their personal exposure to air pollution in a practical way. It was never designed for real-time use or actionable decision-making.

Hundreds of Air Quality Calculations at Once

In order to calculate air quality up to a resolution of 0.003 miles (5 meters/16 feet) in 100+ countries on an hourly basis, we pull information from numerous data sources, such as government sensors, traffic patterns, satellite data, active fires, meteorological information and more. We then deploy numerous models at the same time, using more than 30 different algorithms and sophisticated machine learning technology.


Integrate Real-time Air Quality Insights for your Business

BreezoMeter’s ability to ensure and prove accuracy is a key reason why world-leading brands across healthcare, smart home, automotive industries and more, choose our data for their products and scientific research.


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